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OK, it’s me back again and I know it’s been quite a long time, but I thought I’d log back in and have a bit of a look around. Seems like a few things have changed since the last time I posted, so I might take a bit of time just wandering and then post back what I’ve found. In the mean time you might want to have a look at some other stuff I’ve been writing on my blog.

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Remedies to Help Improve your Digestion

The right foods can indeed help in improving your digestion. If you do want to keep digestive disorders at bay, there are quite a few things you can do. For example, honey is considered to be quite good for digestive health. Just by taking one spoonful of honey, you can make sure that you never get constipated. Similarly, seeds such as sesame are also considered to be good for the health of your digestive system. You can easily add them to your salads. A combination of carrot and spinach juice taken before bedtime is also considered to promote a good digestion. While there are various foods that can help do wonders for your digestion, keep in mind that it is necessary that you do avoid sleeping immediately after taking a meal at night. This interferes in digestion and may cause problems such as acidity, constipation, and diarrhea. For more tips on foods that can help improve digestion, please read some of my other recommendations. Also just remember to eat whole foods, avoid processed junk and drink plenty of fluids.. you won’t go wrong. Eat more fruit, vegetables and legumes, and reduce meat, dairy and grains! Alex Simring has posted some great new information on digestive health which you can find at his personal blog.

Get a Regular Supply of Energy from Superfoods

What are superfoods? If we try answering this question, it may prove to be a tough task. However, one thing is for sure. Superfoods are those foods that supply an abundant supply of nutrients to your body. These may include fruits, green foods and whole foods. Any food that is packed with a number of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients can be included in the list of superfoods. So, you can include any food in this list. For example, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are rich in fats and proteins and these are quickly converted into energy. I suggest that one should start their day with a whole grain cereal since it is quite filling and provides the body with enough fuel. Yogurt is quite rich in vitamin B and proteins. Hard-boiled eggs are also a rich source of vitamin B and proteins. So, try consuming foods that are rich in nutrients and you are sure to get a regular supply of energy throughout the day.

Great Tips to Lose Weight Successfully

It’s never too easy to lose those extra pounds of fat. However, it’s not impossible too. All you need to do is set realistic goals, stick to your diet plan, exercise regularly, and keep motivating yourself. It is indeed very important to keep motivating yourself to stick to your weight loss plan. For some people, it is tough to follow their diet plan in the beginning. Just cutting down on their favorite foods sometimes proves to be very difficult. For others, it becomes impossible to stick to their weight loss plan because of a hectic schedule and they just end up giving up on exercising or get back to sugary foods that are easily available at their nearest cafe. There are others, who give up their diet plan just because they think they are not losing enough weight every week. In all these cases, motivation is the key factor.

Is Juicing Really a Good Idea for Losing Weight?

These days, many people are recommending juicing as a way of losing weight. I recommend juicing because a glass of juice is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. These are all good for health. The best part is that a glass of juice contains minimal amount of fats and calories. The result is, of course, that you consume less calories and fat and yet get your regular supply of vitamins and minerals. Juices are believed to suppress hunger as well. So, you don’t get the urge to go for that sugary chocolate cake very often. Some people even suggest going on a fast for a day. Only fresh fruit and vegetable juices are recommended on this day. This practice seems to detoxify the system, thus, bringing the body into a position to lose the excess pounds. So, yes, juicing does tend to have its advantages for weight loss. However, make sure to consult an expert before going on a juice diet.

Get Exercising to Lose Some Weight

In their attempts to lose weight, most people just focus on their diet. They reduce calorie intake and increase protein and fiber intake and so on and so forth. However, no weight loss plan can be a success if you don’t include exercising in it. Even a brisk walk for 45 minutes every day can help you in your weight loss efforts. I think that cardiovascular exercises are quite effective in reducing weight. Step aerobics is especially recommended for women since it can help cut down the fat in areas such as the hips and belly. Cycling and swimming are also fun ways to exercise and lose some of those extra pounds. Besides exercising, simply taking the steps instead of the lift can be a wonderful exercise. If you run up the stairs, it will be a further improvement in your attempt to lose weight. So, basically the idea is that you should include exercising in some form or the other if you really want to get rid of that excess weight.

My Favourite Superfoods

Here are some of my favourite foods

Eating foods these days provides tough choices. We are surrounded by modern day conveniences and packaged foods which have been highly processed with many nutrients having been stipped away. I will outline my favourite immune boosting superfoods which help to provide and maintain optimal digestive health.

I think that kombu is a great superfood, particularly due to being packed full of super nutrients. It is commonly available in the health food section of most supermarkets as well as being readily available in asian grocery stores. This seaweed is a staple of Japanese cooking, and is most readily available in the dried form. I like to add it while cooking grains and legumes, and it can also be used while cooking vegetables. Throw in some dried shiitake mushrooms and you will get an added flavour and nutritional boost. Kombu helps in the digestion of legumes, and will reduce the amount of bloating and wind that legumes commonly cause. The only word of caution is in regular use of kombu is all cookings due to the high iodine content which can affect thyroid gland functioning.

About me
I am passionate about nutrition and how it affects digestive health. I undertook training at the University of NSW, Australia. Special areas of interest include irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease and fatty liver. Nutrition is the cornerstone of health, and in particular plays a crucial role in disease prevention. Eating the wrong foods can lead to multiple digestive complaints such as heartburn, indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation and low energy levels. Obesity is on the rise as being one of the most important factors in poor health, and is generally due to a lack of physical activity not to mention poor eating habits. I recommend keeping a food journal to try to identify trigger foods, as well as documenting any other relevant factors such as stress levels. Reviewing eating habits with a skilled dietician can also be extremely useful. A top tip is to make sure that you eat small meals frequently, so as not to overwhelm the digestive tract. Also remember to chew foods thoroughly – digestion start in the oral cavity, and if you gulp down food, your digestive system doesn’t stand a chance!