My time atAnnangrove Public School.

My first experience of school was at the wonderful Annangrove Public School, located at 285 Annangrove Rd Annangrove. Just writing about this is bringing back a ton of memories. I haven’t been to Annangrove for many years now, and maybe I’m long overdue a visit.

It’s hard to find any pictures of Annangrove, but here is a link to the google map image which shows the front of the school. In the mean time I’m going to try to find some more images to post of the school, but from what I can see, the school has retained a lot of its old charm. I have memories of the school bell ringing in the courtyard, the tennis courts where we played handball, and the bushland which abutted the back of the school. There were also numerous power stanchions right in the middle of where we used to play, so I wonder if these are still around.

I went to the local school right through from Kindergarten to year 6. I have really fond memories of going to school there. It is true that for a while I was the ‘principal’s favourite’. I was very good at maths and spelling, but not so good at writing! I remember that we always started the morning class with 100 multiplication tables questions, and I have vivid memories of crying in the playground one day when I only got 99/100. And yup, this happened one more time where I only got 99/100, but for every other single time I got 100/100! Oh well, it’s a shame that all of my maths skills have gone down the drain and little if any skills remain! And going back to being the principals favourite, I do remember a time when the principal came into class boasting about how good a speller I was. He also knew that I loved music and playing the cello. In front of the whole class he asked me to spell ‘rhythm’, and before he asked me , he told the whole class that he’d just asked some other kids and he was surprised they all got it wrong. But not me…. well anyway, I remember that I spelt it ‘rythm’ and left out the ‘h’. I just remember that he shook his head, a bit disappointed, may surprised, and then walked out!

Anyway, overall my experiences at primary school were quite positive, particularly building my self confidence in music, maths and academic subjects. But none of my primary school day glories could prepare me for the absolute shock of entering high school … going to the highly, super competitive Sydney Grammar School!

I will continue posting on Sydney Grammar days…..